Machinery & Equipment

Equipped with the latest lathes and machining centers we can machine by turning up to 400 mm diameter with a travel range of 1400 mm. With our machining centers we can use travel ranges up to 6000 mm.

Cylindrical – and flat grinding are made by DPM, likewise welding jobs and powder coating, everything from one hand.

Type Range Dimension

CNC Machining Centers

Hermle UWF 1130, 5 axes Travel range 1100x 720x 600 mm
Hermle UWF 1000 Travel range 700x 550x 500 mm
POSMILL 1100, Travel range 1100x 600x 510 mm
Kunzmann 1000 Travel range 1000x 600x 510 mm
MICRON VCE 800 PRO, 4 axes Travel range 800x 500x 510 mm
MICRON WF21C Travel range 400x 400x 400 mm
Niclas Corea Travel range 3000x1200x1200mm
Heller BEA2, 4 axes Travel range 800x 630x 630 mm

CNC Turning Centers

Mori Seiki SL253 with living tools   Ø 350x1000 mm
Mori Seiki SL1   Ø 160x 240 mm
Mori Seiki SL3   Ø 200x 500 mm


Okamoto Flat 800x 420x 520 mm
SMTW Eurogrinder External Ø200x1000 mm
Jung, Berlin D22 Internal Ø 150x 250 mm
Laguna GCM6 GGCM6 Travel range 6000x1500x2000 mm