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Coating Systems

Today's demand on strength and surface finish requires a high quality cold-end coating. Especially in light weight containers, it is important to prevent losses of strength, furthermore it helps to increase the lifespan of the glass containers. To achieve these effects, hot-end coating and cold-end coating are applied sequentially. The still rough glass surface will be coated once the annealing process is finished.

The result is an effective protective coat to improve scratch resistance and lubricity. The efficiency in the filling process is optimized and the production will run smoothly.

Hot End Coating Systems with lifting device (Foldaway - System)

Features Benefits
Hood with lifting device Decreasing production losses due to bottle jams, user friendly maintenance
Siemens drives and control systems Optimal effects of operation due to synchronized drive systems and controlling
Remote maintenance Solving software and set up problems online
Automatic stop of operation when device is lifted Consumption reduction, safety-relevant features for machine operators
Monitoring of barrel weight and consumption Reduction of consumption, prevention of sudden empty barrels
Operator panel with touch screen Convenient handling and information at a glance
Integrable cooling and heating systems ( optional ) Best effects of coating due to optimal temperatures in the hood, under consideration of bottle sizes, quantities and speed.

Cold End Coating Systems

The spray device consist a beam with a linear unit, where the spray heads are exactly positioned. To avoid spraying into the glass containers, the coating is made below the bottle necks by precise dosages. The supply of the spray nozzles takes place by flexible hoses from a fixed metering device. Operations are controlled by PLC control unit.

The DPM Cold End Coating Unit is available as single - and twin axis systems

Length of the beam max. 5600 mm
Belt speed max. 60m/min.
Atomizing pressure 1-6 bar