High Strength

Thermal Shock - Equipment TP 118 to check strengths of hollow glass containers

The thermal shock test equipment is used to determine the strength of glass containers. The glass containers are exposed to water baths with different temperatures up to 100 °C The machine contains two tubs and a basket, in which the containers are placed. One tub for cold water, the other for hot water with a heating element. Both tubs are equipped with a circulation, which keeps the temperatures homogeneous.

The thermal shock test equipment is controlled by Siemens PLC. Operated by Siemens Control Panel OP7 you can setup preferences and recall it later by push of a button You can select between automatic and manual mode and the convenient user interface will help to start easily with the equipment.


  • Efficient inspection of glass bottle strength
  • Automated operation of the system
  • Spacious attachment for variable glass containers
  • Environment - friendly
  • Low investment costs